Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day/Weekend

Jana's Valentine's day 2008:

Wednesday; went in to do clinical prep for Thursday, discovered I was assigned a patient that had about 20 things wrong with them, so I was up late prepping, stressing and didn't get to bed until after 1 a.m.

Thursday; get to hospital at about 6:40, I am completely stressed out because my patient is on 20 different a.m. medications, and I get to give them all. I was in the patient's room almost all day and didn't even get time to take a break to eat lunch because I hadn't had time to chart all of the cares, assessments and info on the patient. I survived, and all in all it was a really good clinical, it went by fast since I was so busy, the nurse that was assigned to my patient was very helpful and I learned a lot. Plus the patient was a nurse themselves, so they were helpful as well.
13:30 - Leave St. Mary's hospital and go straight to Methodist hospital and start work at 14:00. Treat myself to lunch at Jimmy John's at 14:45, I have earned it!!!
20:00 - Let Travis (co-worker who is also in nursing school) go home early, he has had a longer day than I have and he needs to be back to work at 06:00
22:00 - finally go home myself, I would have been able to go earlier, but Nate had a broomball game and I could not get a hold of him to get a ride home.
23:00 - Crash into bed!!!

Friday; sleep in until 10:00, go to work at 13:00

As you can see, we did not have time for any romance on Valentine's day, so we celebrated friday night after I got home from work. Nate bought the makings for real Sangria, and I bought the chocolate!

Sangria: Red Wine, Spiced Rum, lemon, lime, orange, sugar, orange juice, sprite

It was really pretty when we poured the red wine in over the orange juice

Ready to enjoy, I must say there was way too much for two people and I think next time we will make peach sangria, it is better

Saturday night we went down and stayed at Gina and Richards, then Sunday we got a room at a hotel that had a nice pool with slide, kiddy area and hot tub. Gina, Richard and the kids came over and went swimming and we got pizza for supper. Then they left us alone to have our romantic evening of Nate playing his new game on his Nintendo DS and Jana watching TLC, Food Network and HGTV. ;)

Olivia, Gina and Emma in their jean skirts; Jasmine made it into the picture as well

Emma's latest skirt, I think it is the cutest one I have made so far


Westin, being the cool dude in aunty Jana's sunglasses


Shannon said...

i'm thinking i'll hire you to sew my maternity wardrobe!! mmmmmmm, sangria. we didn't have a romantic valentine's day either and so far no make up night.

Lani said...

you sound busy girl. happy belated valentine's day! and cute nieces and nephews. i like those skirts!