Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Look!

Isn't this fun, I found a new background that was cruise appropriate! Since I can't be in the Caribbean, this helps me remember it!

Beautiful weather, warm sunshine, cool breeze, relaxation, no obligation, enjoyment, discovery, adventure, pampering . . . . . Why did we have to come home?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cruise Pictures

Here are a small selection of pictures from our cruise, you will have to wait until later for more pictures and explanations on the photos.

Palm tree and beautiful blue sky in sunny Tampa, FL.

Waiting for our shuttle to the Port.

Towel animal from the first night, swan maybe, wearing my sunglasses.


Nate all dressed up

Nate and me all dressed up.

Us again.

Mayan ruins of Tulum.

Ocean by the Mayan ruins.

Ocean waves.

I had him take his sunglasses off for the picture and told him to stop squinting, it didn't work :)

Proof that I was there at the Mayan ruins, this picture also explains why I had such a funny tan line around my neck.

Having Friends Over for Dinner

Here are some pictures from the big Saturday night meal I made the weekend before we went on our cruise. We had Brendan and Kayla, the workers, Shane and Nikelle, and also Aaron and Jami over for a big supper. I took pictures of the food while I was making it, the meal was really good!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Picture Tag: 6th picture in your sixth picture folder.

This is kind of fun, good to look back at some of my old pictures.

Time for a game of picture tag. Go to your 6th folder and share your 6th picture!

Here it is:

A picture of the cake I made for Brady's baby shower

Here are some more pictures from that folder;

Another shot of the cake and some of the snacks

The guests of honor

Alyssa, Amber, Brady and me

Westin playing with a balloon, trying to eat it!


TAG, you're it!