Friday, February 1, 2008

Fish and Snails

I recently cleaned my fish tank and since it looks so nice I just had to take some pictures of it and share them with you all!

Plus, I got some good close up shots of my snail. You can see the lines on it of how much it has grown since I got it from Travis V.

I have 6 big fish and 2 babies.

Three of the fish are from Travis V. They have survived! I have also gotten some new ones and there are two babies still alive from the several batches that have been born in the tank. You can see the two little ones in the small tank at the top left.

Oh, and I almost forgot the one baby guppy that survived as well, the silver flash.

Click on these and get a really close up look at a snail!

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Janelle said...

That's cool that the fish and snail survived! :) Travis wants to know if the one eyed fish is still living. I had forgotten about the's huge now! Travis lost all his female platys when we moved, he just got some more. Hopefully we'll have some babies soon!