Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crafty Name for Etsy

I need your ideas, so please comment!!! I know I don't post as often as I used to, but hopefully I still have some readers that can help me!

I need a catchy and creative name for the Etsy account I am thinking of opening. The plan is to sell ragged blankets, paci clips, burp clothes, baby wraps, handmade stuffed animals, snuggle blankets, headbands, hair bows, knit and crocheted scarves and hats for kids and women and whatever else I come up with.

The name should be cute and kind of related to baby stuff, cause that will be my focus for now, getting started, but I also want to be able to branch out into other things.

Word thoughts: crafty, unique, creative, cozy, cutesy

The name could also just be a cute name, it doesn't have to do much with craftiness, the creative craftiness part can be in the tag line.

Hope you have lots of ideas!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I have decided to make some blankets to sell. I have made several already, so here are some examples of what I can make.

If you want one, know anyone who would like one, or if you need a gift for someone, let me know. I can make them any design, color, and size. Price will vary depending on size of blanket, detail in the design, cost of the material and your budget.

(Pictures tomorrow, blogger is not cooperating)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Learning to Crawl and Other Stuff

Aurelia is just about to crawl, here are a few pictures of her attempts.

Her usual position, arms and legs stretched out

Okay, up on her hands

Now up on her knees

She got it, she is up on her hands and knees!!! Yayyy, good job Aurelia. You're not happy? Why are you not happy?

Aww, poor baby, she gets so frustrated!

Now she's mad!

Perfect, now just one in-front of the other

She has also learned to feed herself puff cereal. Reaching for it...

Couldn't quite get it and now she is MAD.

Little Cutie!!

Her bin of toys, I set her on the floor with her bin, she takes them all out and throws them around, I gather them up and put them back in the bin, repeat several times to keep her busy.

Our brother workers stayed with us for a couple of days, always nice to have them visit

Gina made these pants, mittens and hat out of a sweater for Aurelia

What a cutie, did I say that already?

The hat is a little tight, but I love the flower!

Her cute little butt :)

I put her hair in pigtails for the first time on Sunday!

She wasn't to pleased with the process, but it wasn't as bad as it looks!

Smiling again!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Here is a preview of Aurelia's costume for Halloween, we are both going to be witches!

I don't think she even realized she had a hat on!

I made this little tutu out of tulle and ribbon

This is what she did seconds after I put it on her!

I think she likes her tutu :)

Our new living room arrangement, I sold the fish tank, so that is gone now, and I am in the process of redecorating the walls, changing things up.

Aurelia's winter snowsuit

All bundled up and ready for a run with daddy

Ready for a walk with Chloe and Mateo,
they hang out with us about once a week, good times :)

Ready for another walk, this time I carried her and pushed Mateo,
worked better than two strollers!

Tummy-time for Aurelia, Chloe joined in and thought the dog, dolly, tiger and bear should have some tummy-time as well :)

Chloe in the tunnel

Sittin' in her tunnel

Playing with her toys

Reading books with Daddy

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Early October

We recently had new doors installed, the old ones were original to the house, did not open/close very well and were not well insulated. I think these will be a huge improvement this winter! One thing I don't like is they are WHITE, any suggestions for colors? Here is a picture of our house, don't mind the ugly landscaping or the mop and bucket.

Our house is a pale yellow and white on the outside

Front Door

Close-up of the glass

Side door

Side garage door

Aurelia and I went down to my folks for a few days during the week two weeks ago, my brother was up to help Richard do a wood flooring job. Then we all went down for the weekend too. Always something going on there right now since Gina and Richard are staying there while they get their lodging ready on the build site of their new house!

Westin loves to hold Aurelia

Great-grandma/pa and Great Aunt Carol came down to visit Friday evening
Great-grandpa playing with Levi

Gina bought the kids a bunny for 5$ at a garage sale, Emma was so excited that she was shaking and could talk of nothing else but the bunny for the next several days!

The bunny is not wanting for attention

Nate got a haircut, it ended looking rather military, should I have left it like this? :)

Aurelia with Uncle Justin

Uncle Justin loving Aurelia's cuddling

Can you guess what she will be for Halloween?

By the way, this years party is
October 30th, 4:30-9:00, Classic Halloween Theme

She is getting better at eating cereal, did great this night

She grabs the spoon and pulls it to her mouth


Hanging out with cousin Emma

Presents in the mail, we love them!!! The cute outfit is from Joni Moses, thanks so much, and the shoes are from Great Auntie Sharon, adorable, love them!!