Monday, February 25, 2008

Great Clips

You may have already seen some of these, but here are a few neat clips to watch if you have the time. Some are from other blogs that I keep up with.

Sand Art: I just saw this one and it is sensational, it isn't just a picture in sand, it is a whole story

If you like this one, there are a lot of different ones if you just search youtube for sand art.

Charlie: This one I found on Lani's blog. It is two adorable British boys; and just a warning, after you watch this clip, you may find your self saying "Charlie! Charlie bit me" with a British accent.

Sneezing Panda: No matter what pandas are cute, but this one should make you chuckle

Sleepy Puppy: This is just adorable, he is just trying so hard to stay awake and upright!

Hawaii Chair: We were talking about this with someone the other day, I don't remember who


Kayla & Brendan Layden said...

I LOVE the Charlie clip...have watched it several times, and laughed so hard I cried...the layden household has already added it to their vocabulary/phrases!

Lani said...

I saw the Hawaiian chair clip on the Ellen DeGeneres Show when we were waiting for our car to get fixed a few months back... what a riot!