Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Knitting and School

Well, I started school yesterday. It will be two years now till I am finished, I will graduate the spring of 2009. I guess it is not that long, but from where I sit, looking at the huge stack of text books and thinking of all the class time, clinical hours and studying time, it seems like it will take forever.

I actually finished a knitting project, I didn't stick to the pattern exactly, I still think it turned out ok.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend at Home - Westin Portrait

We came down to Mom and Dad's for the weekend.
Took some pictures of Westin in his suit.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The kids!

Emma, Olivia and Westin playing outside when they were
here earlier in August.

Emma is in the stripes, Olivia in the pink.

The little pool is shaped like a whale.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

August Rains

It has rained all day here!!

I got 5 new fish, platys, that makes for a total of 7 in my tank. Plus two snails.

I made applesauce to day, froze about 14 cups, and I still have about half of my apples to do.

We babysat Chloe this afternoon for about 4 hours or so. She did well, took a little nap, woke up happy. Nate fed her a bottle, something new for him!

Nate holding a snoozing Chloe.

Just thought I would ad this one too, since little Austin Craven is such a cutie!!

Gotta go now, it is really lightening here!!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

My final posting of Ireland Pics

Picnic lunch during our day of biking

The two of us, why am I squinting so badly, it is not that sunny!

Nate posing for another delightful picture, the camera loves him!

After the accident

I enhanced this photo so you can see what is left of the front tire.

Drinking a Hot Toddy @ Bushmills distillery.
Nate doesn't much care for whiskey!

I got a Coke, but I tried Nate's and didn't think it tasted that bad.

Barrels of Whiskey! These ones are just for looks, but we couldn't get pictures of the real barrels 'cause you can't use your cameras inside the warehouses, they are afraid of potential sparks!

Carrick-a-Rede Roap Bridge.

Nate is a little more cautious coming across!

Fisherman would use a more primitive version of this bridge to cross
to this island and catch salmon from it's rocky shores.

It is 80 ft. down to the water.

Just checking the wind while we were hiking around the
Giants Causeway.

Thought this was cute!

We hiked along the top ridge, then took the path down,
then walked along the bottom.

The Giant's Organ.

The Giant's Boot, looks like a Smurf shoe

We used night photography to take this shot the last night we were in Ireland.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More pictures of Ireland!

Nate with the Cliffs of Moher behind him.
At the highest point the cliffs are 214 meters above the Atlantic

This is a good example of a Portal Tomb.
It was a burial site during the Neolithic Era (4200-2900 BC)

Biking on the main island of the Aran Islands

Nate Striking a pose in his biking getup!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pictures from Ireland

Powerscourt Gardens

Cathedral @ the Rock of Cashel

An abundance of green, green grass and sheep!

Fungi (foon-g-ee)
The male bottle nose dolphin that lives in the Dingle Bay.

Fuchsia thrives in Ireland.
High hedges of it line the roadsides in the Dingle Peninsula area.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Post

I thought it would be good to start a blog to show pictures and keep everybody posted about what we have been up to. I am new to this so it should be interesting.

As many know we recently got back from a trip to Ireland, we were gone for two weeks and had many adventures and saw some amazing scenery while we were over there!

I'll copy our emails here for those who missed them:

Thurs. July 19th ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

well, this is the second attempt, just lost my first, so you will likely get a much shorter version.

we are alive and well, driving over here is not too bad, especially since Nate as driven everywhere so far.

our flight out of Rochester was delayed 1.5 to 2 hours so Nate was all stressed out about making it on our flight to Dublin, but luckily the Dublin flight was delayed as well, for different reasons, so we arrived here on time at about 10 to 6. we rented a car and then headed to our b&b in Enniskerry. we took about an hour nap then went for a drive on the Military rd through the Wicklow mountains. We toured a monastical ruin at Glendalough, pronounced glenda-lock. And then went to see Powerscourt Gardens, huge formal gardens, some say the last of its kind.

Powerscourt Gardens

After that we went to a small market to get a phone card and something simple for supper. we had cheese on rolls, not bad, but in our state it wouldn't have taken much to please us. we did our best to stay up, and finally gave in at about 8 pm, Nate slept until 7 and he dragged me out of bed at 8. 12 hours and I could have slept more!!!

We had a great breakfast with another couple who had stayed there. they were on a trip to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. We left at about 1030 to go to Kilkenny. we will see a castle here and then go to the rock of Cashel on our way to dingle tomorrow.

Hope this finds you all well,
the best,
Nate & Jana

Sat. July 21st ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

hello all,

we are in the dingle peninsula for 3 days, fri. sat. and sun. tomorrow we are going to go on an archaeological tour and then go to the pitch and put, a bit like mini golf, but not as mini.

we saw fungi (pronounced foon-gee) today, he is a male bottle nose dolphin who lives in dingle bay, he jumped out of the water and did flips, got lots of pictures, but from far away, he has been living in the bay for 22 years!!

All for now,
Nate & Jana

Sat. July 28th ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello all, It has been a while since our last update. Things are going well, we are doing fine and keeping busy, been doing a lot of walking lately! Nate is going to write this one, hope everyone is doing well, we will be looking forward to seeing you all when we come home!! -Jana

The keys are slightly different. So if this comes out as unintelligible mess, I can always blame that. :-) Jana is reminding me that we're paying by the minute here, and I better get on with it!

Belfast has been a very interesting city. I have to admit that I didn't know what to expect. We took a couple of tours: a historical walking tour and a double-decker bus tour. I was kind of surprised that the latter took us right through the heart of the sectarian violence-- "the murder mile" they call it- complete with bombed buildings, melted traffic lights, and highly political murals. It's an indication of how much things have changed. This is definitely a city that is growing with a vengeance, with new construction going up everywhere. The new opera house is completely fronted with glass, something that wouldn't have possible a mere ten years ago. This is the first place that seems really, REALLY delighted to have tourists wandering about.

Good scenery sometimes makes for pretty lousy land (and vice-versa). For the most part, Northern Ireland has been far less dramatic than what we've seen in the south. The Connemara region in particular is stunningly beautiful, with peat bogs, mist shrouded mountains, and rocky fields. At the same time, the land is worthless for anything but grazing sheep which occasionally wander the roads.

So, I better tell you, we had an accident. Don't worry, we weren't hurt in any way. While driving in the aforementioned Connemara region, Jana veered into the ditch to avoid a giant bus that was barreling down the same narrow road. Understand, this is how things are done in Ireland. You quickly get used to shrubbery smacking the passenger side of the car as you avoid other traffic. Anyway, unfortunately, this time there was a giant rock, and we hit with this with the front passenger tire. This destroyed the front suspension and we slid up the road for another 20-30 feet before coming to stop. Needless to say we were both pretty shaken up by this. I ran down the road to get help, found a shepherd named Decklan, who kindly made several phone calls, and drove us to a pub where we waited for 6 hours for our replacement car to arrive. Destroying our rental car should have ruined our trip, but it's been so good that last few days, I tend to forget it (we'll have to see how well I can forget it when the bill comes... :-) . I'm glad I got the super insurance.

Ok, Jana tells me I'm too long winded, and I'll never get to write another letter!

Hope things are going well. Can't wait to show you all 700 of our pictures. :-)

Mon. July 30th --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello again, this will be our last email from Ireland as we only have one more action packed day and then one day of traveling home, hopefully arriving at 6pm on Wed.

I am getting really homesick and my interest in all the sights we are seeing is dwindling faster everyday. It is not that things are boring, they are very neat, but your brain just gets so packed with new things that you just want to get back to something familiar and comfortable.

See you all soon! Jana

Nate here:
Alas, poor Jana. Next time we're going to rent a little motorized wheelchair, I'll ride on the back, screaming at people to get out of the way, and we'll fly around the little cobblestone streets with Jana sitting comfortably in the front drinking a Mint Julep. :-)

Well, Dublin is definitely the most cosmopolitan of the Irish cities we've seen thus far. In many ways it's a little indistinguishable from many other big cities. Today we toured Trinity College (think Oxford or Harvard), and saw the 1500 Book of Kells. The exhibit leading up to book was excellent. The monks spent up to 6 months creating a single page.

We also saw the Dublin Castle, which is a Georgian mansion wrapped around an old Norman fortress. Also very neat.

So much more to say, but time is gone...


So that was our trip in a nutshell. Since then we have had a visit from Cari and Vern Musgrove and their little one, Colter (such a cutie). We went out to the lake with Chris and Mary and the boys on Friday night (3rd) and then over to Chris and Mary's for supper on sat. night. Then we had Cari and Vern over for supper on Sun. evening.

My sister, Gina, and her three little ones came for a visit, from Monday afternoon to Saturday afternoon this past week, so that made for a lively household! It was great to have them here, very entertaining and it was nice to have my sister here to go shopping with and other fun stuff.

Then tonight we had Aaron, Jami and Chloe Starling over for supper and a game. We made fresh pasta!!! Aaron, Jami and Nate were in charge of pulling all the pieces apart and putting it on the rack to dry. I was in the kitchen, extruding the pasta using my kitchen aid mixer with the pasta attachment. It was pretty good pasta! We also had homemade ice cream and fresh raspberries for dessert.

Well, I think that will about do it for now. I will work on posting some pictures, we have almost one thousand from our trip!