Thursday, July 30, 2009

Visiting Justin and Katrina

Last week we went down to visit Justin and Katrina in Southern Indiana. The trip was too short but here are a few pictures I took while we were down there.

We started driving down on Friday afternoon, stayed in a hotel partway and drove the rest of the way on Saturday, arriving at about 4:30. It is about an 11 hour drive! Sunday we stayed after meeting for a potluck and then Trina's folks and brother stopped by in the afternoon. Justin grilled up some burgers, and surprisingly his burger recipe is very similar to mine!

Monday we went to Holiday World, it is a Water/Amusement park, I didn't take my camera, but I took some pretty funny pictures with Trina's. I stayed with Trina and Austin and we went on the Lazy rivers, in the wave pool for a bit and on some of the more tame rides. We went on the train, the carosel, we hunted turkeys and Austin drove us around on the Antique cars, which was pretty fun. Good thing they have a guide rail that keeps the car on track, cause Austin wasn't watching where he was driving! Justin and Nate stood in line for 45 min to an hour to ride on the big rides. Holiday world has the highest water ride in the world! The also have free Pepsi softdrinks and really cheep food, a small ice cream cone, which was actually hugh, was only 1.75, I got the blue raspberry and it turned my whole mouth blue!

After we left the park we went to a German reasturaunt for supper, authentic German. We had 3 different kinds of wursts and several other German dishes. It was fun. We were all pretty tired out after a day in the sun.

Tuesday we took it easy, we were going to go out on (Trina's folks) Jerry and Vivian's boat, but got rained out. Wednesday we went shopping and out for ice cream at Coldstone after meeting. Thursday morning we had to leave to come home cause I couldn't get off work on Friday, which made me mad! Oh well, we had a good trip anyways.

Austin playing with trains

The only thing Austin wanted to have me do for him was fix his train track, he like the way I set up a big track on the livingroom rug, other than fixing his track, he didn't want much to do with me at all.

Austin found Nate's shoes to be very interesting

Playing trains with the shoes on

Daisy getting her daily dose of hugs, she is a very affectionate dog.

Curled up on her bed

Here are some shots of mushrooms that sprouted up in the front yard while we were there.

Look at this one in full size, I love the dripping water coming off the bottom of the mushroom

Austin decided to take out cooler and fill it with his diapers

Then he put diapers on his train cars

Then he gave all the diapers to Katrina

Their house

Austin loves to wear grown up shoes, usually on the wrong feet

Nate and Austin comparing shoes

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clean Garage!!

It happens every year, the garage slowly gets worse and worse, until it is a major mess and you can't get the cars in, you can't find anything you are looking for and you can't stand the mess anymore! At least that is what happens to me, so I took care of it, finally! I also did a little make over with some WHITE paint! It brightened it up a bit!











Wow, that back wall really needs to be painted!! That would make a huge difference

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I went up to Ikea on Monday with Stephanie, my best friend from high school. I LOVE Ikea and always end up bringing home a bunch of stuff, this time I think I outdid myself. We got a new side table for the living room and a new rug.

Side table

This rug is awesome, it is exactly what I had pictured in my mind that I wanted!


Nate really loves the rug too

My latest sewing project, a blanket made out of jean material on one side and prequilted material on the other side.

Detail shot

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Girls Visit: Part II

We babysat Chloe on Sunday evening when the girls were here so her mom and dad could go on a date. Uncle Nate taught the girls how to Rollerblade.

Emma did pretty good, we actually went all the way down the street and back.

getting the hang of it

using Nate for a little support and balance
(notice the little flurry brown blob in the neighbor's grass across the street?)

Olivia noticed, sorry this is so blurry, but you can still see the look of excitement on her face

I love this picture, with her hair flying out behind her as she whirls her head around to look at the rabbit

Our little guest, playing with Emma's hula hoop

Emma, very noticeably missing a front tooth

Olivia; check these photos out from a few years ago:

Olivia in the rocking chair at Grandma and Grandpa Craven's 11-13-05

Emma in our old kitchen, we actually had not bought the house yet! 6-5-05

Emma and Olivia getting ready to swim 5-30-05

Olivia did not do well at Rollerblading

In fact, she was terrible

She could not stand up

Not at all!

I tried to help her

It didn't go any better