Friday, January 21, 2011


 I know, I am a little behind in posting pictures, so here they are!!!  The order is majorly messed up, but I don't feel like sorting it out, they don't move easily!

 Jami playing piano on Dec. 25th
 One of Nate's famous, or infamous, depending on how you look at it, boardgames!

 Getting into the garbage!  At least it is clean garbage

 The babies with grandma Judy, I think it is funny how this picture captures the personalities of everyone in it!
Mateo's hair

Gina's kids stayed overnight one day, having five kids, yikes!

 Emma and Olivia

 Somebody learned how to stand up, changes everyday, this is what I usually find when I go to get her after she wakes up from her nap.

 Awww, poor baby

 A very strange spikey, icey, brain like mass stuck to our hubcap after a long drive, weird

 Back to Christmas Day Dinner, yummy Irish Brown Bread

 Green bean casserol, not pictured cheesey mashed potatoes and brisket

 Aurelia's hair

Chloe being Chloe

"this is my sad smile, Jana"

She thinks that's funny

She couldn't help herself!

Aurelia recieved a total of 4 of these puppies, one from aunt Katrina, one from G&G Miller, one from Aunt Heather and one from Great Aunt Vicki,

We kept the pink one for her and gave one to Mateo
Aurelia and Olivia

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Finalists!!!

So, I have narrowed my shop names down to:

Honeybunch Boutique
Treasure Tree Boutique
Crafty Crate Boutique
Creative Crate Boutique

I must confess, I am leaning towards Honeybunch Boutique, I think I could make a really cute logo with that name using honeycomb and a bumble bee.

Which is your favorite? Cast your vote!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What I Will Make

Here is a list of all thing things I can make for my Etsy site. I have been working on making inventory before I start the site, so I have several items to list at once. So far, I have several blankets made, several started and I have a whole bunch of flower hair bows made. I ordered a bunch of clips and such online and when they arrive I will be able to make more pacifier clips, hair bows and fancy bobby pins.

For Babies:
Cozy Cozy Car Seat Blanket
Snuggly Mini Blanket – Set of 2
Diaper Bag
Diaper & Wipes Bag
Pacifier Clip – Set of 3
Burp Clothe – Set of 6
Flannel Ragged Blanket
Fleece Fringed Blanket
Roll-up Changing Pad
Pillowcase Baby Dress
Swaddling Wrap
Flower Hair Clip – Set of 3
Fabric Accordion Book
Activity Blanket
Bibs – Set of 3
Fabric & Foam Building Blocks
Take Along Toy Bag
Handmade Stuffed Animals
- Bed Bugs, Car, Smirky, Giraffe, Circus Elephant, Elephant, Little Dog, Little Pup, Horse, Owl, Dolly

For Kids:
Fleece/Sweater Mittens
Snuggly Mini Blanket – Set of 2
Flannel Ragged Blanket
Fleece Fringed Blanket
Toddler Dress
Flower Hair Clip – Set of 3
Kids Apron
Fabric Accordion Book
Fabric & Foam Building Blocks
Animal Bed Warmers
Take Along Toy Bag
Handmade Stuffed Animals
- Bed Bugs, Car, Smirky, Giraffe, Circus Elephant, Elephant, Little Dog, Little Pup, Horse, Owl, Dolly

For Ladies:

Fleece/Sweater Mittens
Fanciful Bobby Pins – Set of 3

Reconstructed Jean Skirt

Full-Length Apron

Half-Length Apron

I am planning to open up a blog dedicated to my Etsy site, once I figure out what I am going to name it. I can post my latest fabric finds and examples of things I have made. Just wondering if you have any more ideas for artsy/crafty things that are cute and easy to make.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still working on Etsy name Options

Still trying to decide what my Etsy store should be called. I want it to be something, fun, cute and relating mostly to babies and kids, plus other items like scarves hair things and stuff like that for ladies. Here are some of your ideas and my brainstorm results...

Shop Names: Some of these you could add 'by Jana' or 'Designs' to...
Dainty Delights
Chirping Cheerfully
Truelove's Kiss
Honeybunch Boutique
Treasure Tree Boutique
Merry Meadows Market
Emerald Envy Emporium
Box of Baubles Boutique
Petit Chou Boutique
Precious Peanut Plaza
Razzle Dazzle Delights
Fuzzy Wuzzy Boutique

Word Soup: Shoppe, Plaza, Galeria, Bazaar, Bounty, teeny, crate, bin, dazzel, glitter, sparkle, golden, bouquet, bundle, caboodle, jewel, gems, fuzzy,

Sew Sweet Store
Uniquely Yours
Jolie Mignon by Jana ("Pretty Cute") in French....
Joie de Vivre ("Joy of Life")
Petit Chou ("Little Cabbage"...a French endearment)

Do you have anymore ideas, or do you have a favorite out of the bunch that you would like to pick, vote for it!