Monday, November 21, 2011

October Pictures

The events of October, in pictures.

We watched Mateo and Chloe one evening while their folks went on a date. I just had to get a picture of all 3 kiddos getting their Saturday night bath!

Olivia's Birthday Party

Olivia and Logan with their cake and balloons

When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said a dog.
This was her answer to everybody!

Instead of a dog, she got a skirt...

...and underwear!
I remember getting the embarassing gift of underwear when I was a kid.
Did anyone else get that for a present too?
Olivia wasn't embarrassed :)

Aurelia with Grandpa Miller

Going through the Sunday Newspaper ads

18 month pictures

Visiting with cousins

Playing on the swingset

Aurelia loves swinging

My cute little white tiger

I love this little outfit. Don't you wish you looked as cute in a comfy one-piece outfit!

Living room makeover project. I found two great carved design pieces at TJ Maxx. I wanted them to go with my turquoise theme, so I got a little sample of paint and added the accent color!

The other one, all finished

Busy one morning, bringing all the cans into the living room

Arranging the cans

Sometimes you wonder why the decide to take on these little projects!

All dressed up for Halloween, Wonder Woman!

Chloe with a big smile on her face, as usual!

The cat, the farmer and the dog

Aaron, all dressed up, as usual ;)

The princess, Wonder Woman and a Ghost

Zorro and Cat Woman (Clare and Emma)

Wonder Mom!

Wonder Woman and Wonder Mom

With Ant Man

Christopher (Robin) and the honeypot

Breanna was such a cute little puppy!

My Incredible uncle!

Incredible cousin Connor and Aunt Mary

Super Worker!

Pumpkin Painting Contest

Everyone had fun!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

September in Pictures

I just realized that I have not posted since August, so lets get you all caught up!

 In her adorable hat from the craft show

Getting into trouble

 Nate is into smoking brisket lately

 This was one big brisket that turned into two smaller ones, once all the fat was trimmed

The next morning temps in the smoker

 The meat is ready to come off and rest

 The smoke master taking the meat off

 We had some guest come over and help us eat all of the great food!

 Erik came to hang out a few days

 Aurelia feeding Erik Cheerios

 I was making 4 small blankets from 1 twin sized quilt, Aurelia thought it was a great place to play

 And a great place to sleep!

 We went to the MN Renaissance Festival with the swashbuckling family

 Ridding on Daddy's shoulders

 Then on Momma's

 My inspiration for the new living room

Me? I am innocent!

Don't ask me why, but I have the hardest time keeping the pins away from this little stinker, 
she likes to pick them all our of the pin cushion!