Saturday, February 9, 2008

Moving Gina and Richard and Ladies Craft Night

Here are a whole bunch of pictures of the kids, Gina and Richard's new house, moving day, laundry night and our First Monthly Ladies Craft night!

The kids were so interested in Uncle Nate's morning grapefruit, he ended up sharing the whole thing with them, each eagerly waiting their turn for a bite.

What are we looking at???

Uncle Nate brushing his teeth!

Cubbies/lockers in the entryway, a plays for shoes and coats, there are six total!

They stairs down to the basement


Looking from the living room into the entryway

Many of the different types of wood used in the house

Upstairs bathroom

Master bathroom sinks

Master bathroom shower, all tile, very nice

Gina and I worked on this painted cupboard unit

Cool kitchen sink

Slate fireplace

Richard and Brian moving stuff

Westin helping

Gina, I think she was frustrated that the guys had just put the mattress down on the garage floor

Nate and Emma

Dad bringing stuff out of the semi

All the stuff in the garage

Living room, kitchen and entryway

Emma and Olivia

Exhausted on the bed

Doing laundry at Jeff and Julie's Classic Wash

We filled all but 5 of the small washers and all of the dryers. Lots of bedding and some clothes but there was more to do! A family of 5 has a lot of laundry!

Westin was finding this fascinating

In the dryers!

In the process of making a jean skirt for Gina

Ladies Craft Night, making a skirt out of a pair of pants. L to R - Carla, Lucille, Jami, Kayla, Amanda - All hard at work.

Carla, Sandy and Mary
We had a great turn out for our first craft night. We are looking forward to making this a monthly event. We will rotate who hosts the event and the project will be different and the hostess gets to choose it.


Lani said...

What a GORGEOUS house! And those pix of the kids with Uncle Nate are priceless. Just prepping him for what it will be like to be a Daddy. ;) Craig pretty much has to share EVERYTHING these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey! My skirt looks great! When do I get it?

Janelle said...

Richard & Gina's house is beautiful!! Looks like your lady's craft night was a lot of fun. Wish I could have joined ya. Oh well....that's what I get for moving away, huh? :)