Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May/June Pics

Aurelia's 2-Year Photo Shoot

 Aurelia LOVES  to swing at the park, here with Chloe and Brianna


 Hanging out with Bruce, she was worried about a dying bee that was crawling across the sidewalk, so the sat outside together for 30 minutes or more while I made supper

 With Grandma and Grandpa at the parade

 Memorial Day Ceremony

 21 Gun Salute - LOUD when you are standing so close!

 Yummy fruit pizza for dessert on Memorial Day

 Goofy kids at the zoo!


 Bald Eagle



 Black Bear
 Cougar: this one was pacing and pacing in it's cage, I think all the little kids had it a bit aggitated!

 Lynx or bobcat, can't remember which



Note: There were more animals at this local zoo, but I was only able to get pictures of some of them.  The rest of them would turn around and show me their backsides when I tried to snap a shot. 

 Porcupine: interesting fact, they smell like really bad BO, ugh

 Looking at the prairie dogs

 Sitting in his food

all the kiddos with Jami on the big swing