Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Week with the Family

Well, we have the new computer up and running, Nate is at work, the house is pretty clean, lunch is ready for tomorrow, a cake is in the oven, the workers have gone to bed and I don't have any excuse for not getting these pictures up! Sooooo, here they are. Looking at these reminds me of all the fun we had when the family was together, even though it was a little hectic, with 4 kids five and under and the whole family in one house!

Only 8 months apart, but Westin must think Austin is a baby

Olivia helps make the batter for the Gingerbread house

Helping decorate

This year's Gingerbread house

Haircuts all around; Richard, Justin, Nate and Dad all got buzzed

Dad was worried, but it turned out fine

Westin and Grandpa have the same hairdo!

Grandma and Grandpa Thompson with the great-grandkids on Christmas Day

Grandma and Grandpa Craven

Justin, Katrina and Austin


I thought this one was cute!

Emma 5, Olivia 4, Westin 2

Crazy Kids!

Ready to eat Christmas Dinner

Our family

Austin hiding in the cupboard

Westin loves this popcorn!

Ready to go see the lights in the park

All bundled up

Westin decided to go off-trailing

Mom and Dad

Warming up by the fire

The kids running during a night photography shot


Austin was HUNGRY


VCC said...

Cute pictures Jana! I loved looking at all of them. Looks like you had a lot of fun w/ your family - hugs, Cari Ann

Anonymous said...

Ha! Cari Ann beat me! That's not hard to do as I don't get around to "blogging" much! But guess what, three of the grandkids are here this week (plus two more) and I am finding time! Crazy, huh! Love the pix!!! Tell "mom and dad" hi! Good to see you all! Luv, Lorna

Lani said...

Looks like you had a busy, but very enjoyable time with family. That's (family time) what I enjoy most about the holidays, I think.