Friday, January 11, 2008

I am Glad That is Over

UuuuuGGGGGggg. Monday through Thursday I worked evening shifts, which haven't been that bad in the past. On an ideal day there are 5 people working in the evening. We all are scheduled for 8 hour shifts and these shifts end at 6:30, 7:30, 9:30, 10:30 and 12:00.

I had been scheduled for 3:30-12:00, but got someone to switch with me for 1:00-9:30, which would have been great if it worked out. However, the guy I switched with pulled a muscle in his hip, and couldn't work on Monday, added to that there was a new guy training in on the 2-10:30 shift and a mix up with scheduling, so there was nobody working the 2-10:30 shift to train him!!!

Tuesday I worked the 1-9:30 shift but we were still missing the 12:00 person so we were pretty busy.

Wednesday I got switched to the 3:30-12:00 shift and it was a busy day!!! There were about 120 surgeries that day and it was a good thing we had all three of the later shifts staffed, but we were missing the 11-7:30.

Thursday I again worked the late-late shift and we were missing our 1-9:30 person again so it made for another busy night.

So, the four days I worked we were one person short every evening and we had so many surgeries and so many admits that they were putting regular patients in the intensive care unit because that is where the only available beds were.

I finally have today and the weekend off, then next week classes start up again.


Jami said...

I noticed yesterday in class that RMH was on yellow light....that hasn't happened in quite a while! I got to watch a donor nephrectomy today...way cool!

Lani said...

Oh wow... this sounds impossibly crazy. Enjoy your three day break.