Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Past Couple weeks

For some reason, blogger added these in a completely messed up order, and I don't want to try and figure out the original order, since there are a lot of photos. So, it will just have to stay all jumbled like this!

Grandpa Miller and his two granddaughters

Aurelia dumped all the goldfish grahams out on the floor

Aurelia loves chairs her size

The Millers and their grandkids

Aurelia decided it was a good idea to crawl up onto the shelf of the sidetable

cutie getting into trouble and making a mess

she found this dollar store recorder the other day while I was cleaning

She figured out that this is what you should do with it all on her own!

Playing patty cake with her great Aunt Barb

Mateo walking around with Aurelia's pink stroller

While digging through my diaper bag, she found a pen, that is ink on her cheek

and ink all over her hands

And this is the kind of mess that you will usually find at our house these days

just about chopped off the tip of my thumb while chopping onions

When outside, the best things to play with are rocks! They are also tasty to chew on too.

Helping da da weed thistles

My two loves in shirts that I embellished for them

Our little family of 3

Nate Aurelia and his mom

Nate, his dad and his brother, all in tie T-shirts I made for them

Aurelia loves rides, especially this little lawn rollercoaster

As soon as we took her off, she was fussing and reaching out for it again

It was so funny, she would hold her legs out so she could sit down on the little roller

This is her reaction to not getting to ride on the rollercoaster any more

I was holding Aurelia and Izzy wanted to sit with us too, and she even came with her own milk

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Neisha said...

she's a cutie for sure!! :)