Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bathroom Remodel - Upstairs

It has been a while, okay, a long time, since I posted on here. Let me see what kind of pics I have on my laptop to share.

My brother came to visit in July for 2 weeks and we remodeled both of our bathrooms. I don't have before pictures on this computer to share, but I have demo pictures, which will give you an idea of how outdated the main bathroom was. It is a tiny bathroom, but it feels much more open and spacious with the updates!

The sink is already out, but most of the bathroom is still intact

 Demo has started

 Justin grabed a hold of this and pulled and the tiles just came with it!

 Me working

 Justin starting to lay tile. Lots of work has gone into this room, changing some plumbing fittings and putting up new green board in the shower surround.

 Tile floor is finished, we went with diagonal to make it seem larger, it is only 3-4 feet across, and you would really be able to tell that with 12x12 tiles laid square in the room!

 We added some new trim to the old medicine cabinet to freshen it up.

New sink is in and Nate is helping Justin install the toilet

 TaaaaaaDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I love our new bathroom!

 Crisp, fresh, clean

 New tile in the shower surround

 two corner shelves for lots of bottles

 Other side of the shower, new tub faucet that we were able to put over the old fittings.

New towel bar and shelves for added storage

New toilet and new sink and you can also see the new baseboard trim


Anita said...

I like the colors a lot!
This bathroom reminds me of the downstairs one in my brother's house for some reason. They finally expanded out into a storage room.

Brian, Erin, Connor & Ty said...

Nice!!! Love to see your before & after pics... very inspiring!