Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hooded Towel Photo Shoot

I made a little hooded towel for Aurelia, here are the pictures I took of her outside with it.

Where is she?

 Sitting in the grass

 Uh oh, her foot is touching the grass

She is not happy about this grass business, not happy at all!

 Oh no, her poor foot, is she okay?

 Phew, we are on a blanket now, that is better!

 Standing in her towel

 What's that over there?!

 She was playing with her towel after we got back inside

Are you going to fly?


Sara said...

This is awesome! I bought these when my kids were young and I always thought the towel portion was too small. You made it nice and big!

Neisha said...

she's a great model :)

Lani said...

I agree with Neisha... great model. She's adorable, Lil Miss Aurelia is, she is. I need to buy a few of these from you. Kekoa and Gavyn love hooded towels, but now that they are 5 & 6 I have a hard time finding hooded towels that cover their cute little bums.