Sunday, September 26, 2010

With Daddy

One morning Nate was very thoughtful and got up with Aurelia so I could sleep in for a bit. Sleeping in didn't last long. Not even 15 minutes and Nate yells to me from the livingroom, "Honey, she had a blowout" I yell back at him, "It's just poop, deal with it!" He yells back, "It is really bad, I need help."

So I drag myself out of bed and into the living room to find this!

If Aurelia could talk, "What? Who, me? I didn't do anything!"

Nate, "Hurry up, it is starting to smell really bad!"

More enjoyable times, going for a run with Daddy!


shaunandhelen said...

It is just poop...classic line!! I think Shaun probably would have cut the sleeper off to avoid poop areas. Reminds me at the dells this year us mom's were smiling behind the curtain watching a dad struggle with a massive blowout-it was funny!

Jana said...

Yeah, I got a good laugh out of it, I am no stranger to that rodeo!