Monday, September 20, 2010

Heidi & Tim's Wedding

I know it has been over a month since their wedding, but here are the pictures, finally!

All dressed up for the wedding


With her daddy, everyone says she looks like him

They had cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake.


Vanilla with Blueberries

Funfetti, I think

Table centerpiece

Daisy Seeds

Table #

I do

Kiss, Man and Wife

The wedding was supposed to be outdoors, but it was raining and we moved inside. This is the beautiful view we got to see when it stopped raining for a bit and the fog cleared off for a few minutes.

My smiley baby Aurelia

With Great-Auntie Sharon, she wouldn't give her up :)

Jodi and Dustin, the next on the list of Craven cousins to get hitched

Heading out

Driving away. Wishing you both the best for your future together!

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Brian, Erin, Connor & Ty said...

Looks really fun - seems like forever since I've been to a wedding!! Aurelia looks so pretty all dolled up : )