Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Favorite Diaper Bag (so far)

This is my 3rd, and favorite diaper bag that I have made so far.

It all started when I found some jeans for a majorly good deal, I got 4 pair of jeans at TJ Maxx on clearance for 50 cents, and one was 70 cents. They are size 54-60 waist, so I am not going to wear them, but remake them into other things.

This was my first use of the pants, I used one leg of these Levi's jeans, and I still have a large portion of the mid-leg material left! I paired it with cream and pink houndstooth, it is also reversible, but I think I will keep the jean side out, so we will call it lined.
This pair of jeans was button fly!

Inside, I used a magnet clasp, with cost more than all the material that went into the bag, and the bottom of the pant leg for the pockets

The pockets are just perfect

The front pocket fits a lot of stuff and I can also fit my cellphone in the coin pocket


Janelle said...

That is a super cute diaper bag!! I never found a diaper bag that I liked with my kids. Guess I should have made one but the thought never crossed my mind at the time. Oh well! :)

Brian, Erin, Connor & Ty said...

So cool. Always love your projects!!