Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Car at 31 Weeks

Baby will be here soon so we need to have a car that is convenient and reliable for transporting baby! This is what we got, I am thrilled and Nate is too.

Pretty Blue!
Tan was a definite deal breaker for me and white was not high on my list either!

Front Seats

2nd row, seats 3 fairly comfortably

Back with seats down

back with 3rd row seats up, not much space for hauling stuff

3rd row seats, will work for hauling two adults in a pinch, better for kids though since the leg room is limited!

The Highlander and me

We test drove a Chrysler Pacifica, that was totally decked out and also a really good deal, but it was a good chunk of change more than this one. We also test drove a Honda Pilot and Odysse, which are both very nice cars, but there were no good deals on a used one, so they would also cost quite a bit more than this one. We like them both though, even the minivan, it has really nice features, maybe someday :)

The baby belly at 31 Weeks

Another shot


shaunandhelen said...

Our van is blue--only thing I don't like about it is that is always looks dirty.

katrina said...

Wow! That didn't take you long to decide on a vehicle. I'm sure you will like it. Have you tried the carseat out in it yet?

Jana said...

Katrina, We have been looking for a couple of weeks, and finally got around to shopping and test driving today. It was a perfect fit for us and such a deal, we just went for it.

Helen, our other car is black, and looks dirty too, but I still like the pretty blue, we will just have to hose it down! Our cars stay pretty clean in town though.