Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Clothes

So I have been looking for deals on baby clothes, since I think I am having one shower before and two showers after the baby is born, so I will need something to clothe the little one in until then! I love searching out the good deals, and have been trying to stay gender neutral except I would like to have one girl outfit and one boy outfit on hand to bring the baby home in. Then it can live in sleepers and onesies until after the showers, where it will probably get a fair amount of its wardrobe!

Here are my current purchases, total of $9 spent, the monkey shirt was $3 itself, so that is what threw off my average of less than $1 each.

Baby clothes are so cute. I also have some undershirts and baby boy clothes from Gina, so I think we can last about a week to 5 days, if we don't have too many blowouts! I still need to get a baby boy outfit, in case it is a boy. It is fun to shop for cute little clothes, even more so when I will have the little one here to shop for and dress up!


sg said...

Nice new vehicle! Yes, shopping for those little people's clothes are fun! I'm having a hard time not going overboard with buying matching outfits for Jonna and her new baby girl cousin. =)
We stayed at the Wilderness this time-in the Glacier Canyon Lodges. It was a first for us...we've always gone to the Kalahari in the past. Lots of fun tho!

Anita B said...

Baby clothes are cute! I got to OD on shopping for baby clothes when I was home and my sis needed more stuff for her twins... several of us raided Once Upon a Child and got some really great stuff... and it was sooooooooooooo much fun!
You're looking good! :)

sg said...

fun to see you and nate the other night!
you asked on my blog about the silhouettes....these are just canvas's from michaels and we have a projector. i had the kids sit close to the wall, and we held the canvas against the wall. i traced their outline in pencil, then painted it in in black...then went around with white paint again to cover up the extra pencil marks (it's really hard for kids to sit perfectly still and not have the slightest bit of movement!) i'm sure there was an easier way...but i just wanted to get it done!