Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Latest Sewing Projects

Here are some of the projects I have made in the last couple of months. Lots of baby blankets, since we are in the midst of a baby boom in my family! This makes a dent in the pile of material that I have downstairs (I love buying material), but I still have many more projects to work on.

fleece blanket for me, nice and warm

Small woolly blanket, woolly fleece on one side and faux suede on the other,
good for laying on the floor or covering the car seat

Small baby boy blanket, I had some extra material from another blanket,
green sweatshirt on the back

I have had this blanket for a while, sweatshirt material on the back, if you use a fleece or sweatshirt material on one side, you don't need to put any batting in the middle, great way to make baby blankets!

Baby boy blanket, blue bubble fleece on the back

I love this material!

Baby girl blanket, soft bubble fleece on one side,
this actually turned out a little big in size,
could almost fit a toddler bed, but they she can use it longer

Pink bubble fleece and cream fleece detail shot

Front side, pink and green

I love this material too!

Diaper bag for Jami, green is her favorite color
Side one

Side two, similar, but the material is a little different
pockets on both ends, good for a bottle or keys

Other end pocket, big enough for travel wipes

Zipper top so nothing falls out if the bag gets turned upside down!
Inside, pocket on one side that is half the height of the bag,
good for diapers, these are itty bitty newborn size

another pocket on the other side that is 3/4 the height of the bag


Helen said...

Cute projects Jana! You are a talented lady with that sewing machine and eye for fabrics to put together. I guess everybody should know not to buy you any baby blankets :)

Neisha said...

I love all the blankets!

Jana said...

Thanks Helen and Neisha, I like making blankets, since they are easy to make. However, I wouldn't mind getting some. Kids get them dirty, especially babies with spit up and all, so it is good to have a supply on hand :)

Little Miss Nobody said...

Wow! Awesome!! I love it all, especially the blankets! You know how to make it all go together! If you ever wanted to, I'm sure you could sell these ... maybe online or at a craft store or craft fair. I'd be lining up to buy that cute little girl one. I love bumpy fabric dots!

Janelle said...

I love those blankets too!!! And that diaper bag is awesome! I would have used a diaper bag if I would have had one like that. :) You are so creative.

rgblazek said...

Love those baby quilts. I have several projects in the works, too. Maybe if I post them on FB I will be motivated to get them done.