Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miller Family Gathering 2009 (Denny's Side)

This year Nate's Dad's side of the family wasn't able to get very many members together for Thanksgiving, for a variety of reasons. It did work out that we could all meet up at Denny and Debbie's on the Saturday after Christmas. Here are some pics from that day.

The usual bunch of suspects, hanging out in the livingroom.

Debbie organizing the show, telling everyone where to put the food.

Just missed it, Quincy just launched something.

What is Derek doing, and why is Denny grinning?

There it is, the flying monkey. You make a slingshot out of your pointer and index finger and launch it at the target of your choice. The monkey screams out a monkey call as it goes flying through the air. Great for making people jump and waking up napping father-in-laws :)

This was one of the most entertaining things of the day!
Guys always like to throw things at each other.

Derek reading one of his favorite books :)

My lady's craft this year, fleece mittens, pretty easy to make

Denny, Alan and Colin went out sledding;
Alan is dumping Colin off the back of the sled as he pulls him back up the hill

This was a fun project, like a 3D puzzle

The build team, David, Libby, Colin and myself.
So far we have the base and the motor in place.

Libby adding an arm

The Octopus ride all put together

Everyone admiring our work

Marshmallow Snowman going for a ride


The guys were real helpful putting this together!

There, we are setting up a mini Carnival!
Ferris Wheel and Octopus! I wish I had a clip of them running.

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