Thursday, October 1, 2009

Visiting Baby Jackson

So, Sunday night I got to looking at my work schedule for the week and I realized that I had the whole week off!!!!!! I was talking with Jami and she said, "do you want to fly anywhere?" I said YES, I want to go see my brother and his family (they just had a new baby)!
So we got to looking at flights and it just happened to work out that I could fly standby on a buddy pass. A buddy pass is a perk that Aaron, Jami's hubby, gets from the airline he works for. They get so many every year that they can gift to friends and family to allow them to fly cheap on planes that are not fully booked. Anyways, it worked out that I was able to fly out from Rochester on Monday morning and I made it down here at about 1:00. What a surprise!
That evening however I got a bad cold, I was afraid it was the flu at first cause I felt totally wiped out! The next morning I felt better, but still not great, but at least it wasn't the flu. I guess traveling must have worn me out and with the cold starting on top of that I felt pretty crummy.
So with me being sick and my cold progessing a runny nose on Wednesday I haven't been able to hold Jackson, I don't want to get the little guy sick :( Hopefully tomorrow I will be symptom free and not contageous. Then I will get 1 1/2 days of holding baby Jackson before I fly home on Saturday!
I need some ideas from my readers, what do you give some friends that gave you something worth $700.00 in value, and beyond that, my time here has been priceless. I don't get to visit Justin, Katrina, Austin and now Jackson very often. Any ideas for something special for them in return?
Here are some pictures of my time down here.
First Family picture

Jackson's 1st bath at home, Nana Flasch helping sooth him


Getting cleaned up

Sleeping in his swing

Austin running away from the camera

Nana painting pictures for the boys' rooms, Vivian and Katrina are both published artists. I got to help paint a few of them can you tell which ones I painted, there are four!

Puppies for Jackson's room

2nd Set of four

Trains for Austin's room

When he saw these hanging on the wall he said they were beautiful!


Jana said...

Blogger is not cooperating with me, whiped is supposed to be wiped.

rgblazek said...

Hi! Looks like fun! Sorry your sick:( Great opportunity to paint with Vivian. Did you learn anything? Hope you can hold Jackson soon. Will you see mom before you come back?

Chloe said...

You don't need to get us anything in's just part of our friendship......just consider yourself lucky that we ended up friends!