Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ragged Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag #1 - Blue and Brown - Katrina's

The Plan

Cut out squares of heavy double sided iron on interfacing

Cut out squares of flannel

Cut out squares of material

Iron the flannel to the interfacing

Iron the material to the other side

Add another piece of material to the other side of the flannel and sew the pieces together

8-9 inch long pieces of fabric to make a 5 inch pocket, sorry, no other pictures of pocket making

the pockets sewn on to the inside panels, 6 total inside

the outsides of the panels, with exposed seams for ragging

bottom material

Bottom interfacing and flannel on both sides

Bottom and one wall panel

two wall panels

inside view

outside pockets on the ends of the bag, 2 outside pockets

3 walls

4 walls

4 walls all sewn together

zipper top

I left it open on the ends, that way you can open the bag way up, the zipper doesn't shrink the opening then

strap insides

one strap all together

The straps sewn on

Almost finished bag, just need to rag and wash it


Neisha said...

very cute but looks like a lot of work! you could sell these :)

Janelle said...

I agree with Neisha, you could definitely sell these! I love it!!! So adorable. Did you make the pattern up yourself? Can't wait to see what the others look like.:)

Jana said...

Yes, Neisha, it was lots of work, but not hard, just time consuming. I think the next ones will be faster though. I don't think I could get my money out of them if I sell them. I used good materials and it took me about 16 hours to make it, I am a perfectionist sometimes.
Janelle, I made up the pattern myself, just to get the idea on paper. The bag is based off of one we found on Ebay, but I don't know what that one had for pockets and it didn't have a zipper top.

Lani said...

You are so amazingly talented, girl. I am SERIOUSLY jealous. It's fantastic.

Jana said...

Thank You Lani.