Monday, December 8, 2008

Remodel update.

The contractor is going to start tearing out the kitchen on Thursday!
Here are some more pictures

The marble tile we will use for the counter tops, it is a bad picture so the color is way off, but you can see the pattern. It should look pretty cool once we install it.

looking at the kitchen from the living room

side view

looking into the kitchen from the bedroom/office, this door will be
closed off and the refrigerator will go in front of it.

from the kitchen, looking out into the dining room, the pantry and doorway will be opened up

the way the kitchen was

emptying out all of the cupboards and the pantry on Saturday,
we set up a temporary kitchen in the basement.

we sold the dishwasher on Saturday too

everything is gone but the stove and the fridge,
Aaron and Jami are getting the stove,
anyone need a fridge?

I laid out the tile to see what it would look like if we made a pattern in the floor, lets take a vote, which pattern do you like the best, the one above or the one below? we also have enough tile to do the whole room with the darker tan. What would look better, diamond, checker or solid tan?

Comment to vote

The sink downstairs was painted tan, with latex paint!!!!!!!!
It was scratching off, so I had Nate run and get some paint remover

The paint came right off

Looks much better, it is a nice white enamel sink. It has some little scratches on it, but nothing major. I am not finished yet, but it will do for now.


b.k.a.a. said...

hi- I might be interested in a 2nd fridge! how mucH? good idea to take before pics....will be fun to see the work in progess pics now.

b.k.a.a. said...

i vote all tan - but then again, i'm quite 'simple' in my decorating. the patterns look nice too.

Chloe said...

I kinda like the diamond pattern better...
Let us know when we need to get the stove from you!!

Janelle said...

I like the 2nd pattern, but I'm with Kayla and vote for all tan. That's nice that you have a spot for a temporary kitchen in the basement. Can't wait to see some progress!

Jenny said...

I think I'd do all tan.
your kitchen now totally reminds me of the kitchen in our first house. Small with several doors leading in/out. It's a huge project but what fun! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Neisha said...

I like the 2nd picture.

Do a tan border around the outside.

I love that sink!