Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I was tagged by Lisa, so I thought I would add the things that I listed on Facebook when Jami tagged me there. There are 16 things from Facebook, I only needed 7 things for here

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1. I am an extremely slow reader, I like reading books, but only do so on vacations, when I have lots of time to burn while traveling in between places. Mostly I listen to books on tape or CD while I am working at home cleaning or working on a craft project. This is also why I hate studying, cause it takes me so long to read the text books, plus I invariably fall asleep while reading boring text books.

2. I am a crafty person, I love to sew, croquet, knit, etc. I love to decorate and design things in my house. My latest project is our kitchen, I hope it turns out great!

3. I love to host parties, for example our annual Halloween party. However, I usually spend so much time organizing the food and games that I don't get to visit with the guests much.

4. I broke my shoulder (separated it from the growth plate) when I was 11. I flipped over our go cart and my friend was riding with me, she flew out and was ok, I stayed in the go cart when it rolled over and we figured I hit my shoulders on the ground or the roll bars or something.

5. I have been to Canada, Costa Rica, Ireland, Fiji, Bahamas and visited at least 25 of the 50 states. We will also be taking a Western Caribbean cruise in March '09

6. I have not had a full year off of school since I started kindergarten. K-12, two years of generals at community college, two years at Winona State for a Graphic Design degree, one semester off after I graduated, Nursing assistant class in spring semester and summer, started nursing prerequisites that fall. I will finally be done this spring and have an Associate Degree in Nursing.

7. I don't like to ask people in stores for help, if they ask me if I am finding what I need I will normally say yes, even if I haven't found it yet. I will look for something for a long time before I ask for help too. I don't know why, just shy about asking I guess, I think I am getting better though.

8. After my sophomore year in high school we moved to a new state, town and high school. Quite a change for me. The worst time was lunch time since I didn't have a group of friends to sit with. I did meet a few good ones at my new school though, and kept in touch with Stephanie, who is my best friend from my old school.

9. I am extremely fortunate to have a great family! My mom and dad are great, have been married for 34 years, always there for us kids, loving, funny, have lovable quarks and know a lot about life. My sister and I are great friends even though we seem to fight sometimes, we just tell each other how it is. I don't see my brother and his family as often as I would like to, since they live a ways away and it is hard to travel with school and work. He is stubborn, but can surprise you with how thoughtful he can be.

10. I have naturally curly hair and people always comment on it, they always say "I bet you hate it" and I say "No, I like it" Sometimes people I don't even know will touch my hair, which doesn't really bother me, I just think it is weird.

11. I have always been chubby. The skinniest I have ever been was my first year of college, I lost about 20 lbs and my skirts were so loose I could pull them off with out unbuttoning them. They wouldn't fall off, I have my hips to thank for that.

12. I threw shot put and discus in high school, I never set any records, but it kept me out of trouble and that is how I became friends with Leah and Beth at my second high school.

13. I love to cook, which contributes to #11. I don't follow recipes exactly, just use them for a list of ingredients and inspiration. Unless it is something special I will just look in my cupboards and see what I have and use that, not buy specific ingredients. We are also remodeling our kitchen, so it will be awesome cooking in a new kitchen!

14. I have wanted to have children since we got married but have been hindered by # 6, plus Nate is worried by the thought of babies, he is getting more used to the idea though.

15. I love, love, love to organize when I am in the mood for it. I even straightened shelves full of CDs and DVDs in a pawn shop while Stephanie was browsing.

16. Perfect jobs for me: photographer, party planner, cake decorator, wedding planner, sandwich shop/coffee shop owner (with my sister), craft shop owner, quilt maker, caterer ... can you think of more.

And now...I tag: no one, I don't like tagging, if you see this and want to do it yourself, great, if not, that is fine too.

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