Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Ready!!!

We are going to be starting out kitchen remodel soon so I thought I would post about our plans, since it looks like we will be going ahead with this. Nate and I spent about 6-7 hours on Saturday hauling out kitchen cabinets from the store to our garage. It is getting exciting now, it is starting to feel like reality.
I will post some pictures of the way it is now, once we get it cleaned up a little, for those of you who have not seen our little kitchen before.

Kitchen Plan

Lights, garbage disposal, door and drawer pulls.

Tile we will be using, I haven't seen it yet myself, but it looks nice and it was a great deal ;)

This is a picture of my sister's sink, but we got the same one

view from the front

Here is ours, in the box, in the garage

Our cabinets all stacked up in the garage

room for only one car for now.

I will keep you posted on the progress, when we start to make some.


Anonymous said...

How fun for you to get a NEW kitchen!! Know it will look great!
Good luck and lots of patience!
Luv, Lorna

Lani said...

Yay. How exciting.

Neisha said...

have fun! love the sink!!

Janelle said...

Cool! Can't wait to see how it looks! Hope it all goes smoothly for ya. I love the sink too!

Gwen said...

wondering if you are going into the room off the kitchen to gain more space?
we are amazed at what open space we gained removing walls.
gaurentee you will have a messssss. but it gets better and well worth it!!