Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Day of Plenty

Since school and work kept me close to home this year Nate and I spent this Thanksgiving apart. He traveled down to his folks to be with his family since it has been a long time since we have seen them. I went over to my sister's place in WI. Here are pictures from our T-day, most are pictures of the food.

Gina decided to make an apple pie with the apples I bought on my way down on Wed. night.

She wanted to do the lattice crust top like she saw online.

And caramel drizzled on top.


Seven layer salad, strawberry pie, pumpkin pie

Crockpot sweet potatoes, check out the funky one in the middle, it has a white streak!

Add butter, brown sugar, spices and apples

Starting to cook up, the butter is melting, thought this was a good picture.

All mashed up

The table set!
We still didn't have enough seats for everyone, the little kids didn't stay long in their seats though.
We had quite a few who came to Gina and Richard's; Sandy, Amber and Brian, Brady,
Alyssa and Jamin, Aaron and Lisa, Barb T., Rose B., Lonnie and Gordon, Sam, Laura,
Brian B., Gina and Richard, Emma, Olivia, Westin, Levi and me. (22)

Barb T. and Rose B.

Alyssa, Aaron, Sandy, Jamin

Jamin carving one of the turkeys

All the food ready to eat!
Turkey, stuffing, 10 lbs. mashed potatoes, gravey, sweet potatoes, green beans,
seven layer salad, 3 kinds of cranberries and cinnamon rolls.

Amber, Aaron and Alyssa;
I love the look on Amber's face, she just can't decide which desserts to have.
It would be hard to decide if you could choose from apple pie, apple crisp, pumpkin pie,
pecan pie, chocolate pecan pie, strawberry pie, pumpkin bread and ice cream.

All the kids in mom's bed on Friday morning.
I didn't get very many pictures of the kids while I was down there, too busy cooking I guess.


Lani said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Looks like it was delicious. My favorite holiday. Think lots of good food has anything to do with that? ;)

Little Miss Nobody said...

Looks like a feast! Hope Nate had as much fun as you did!