Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Rotten Morning

Well, this is a venting post, not pictures which is my usual thing.

I woke up this morning and looked out in our backyard to see that the side garage door was open, I yelled at Nate, wondering if he moved the cement block that holds it shut, since it does not latch. He said, no he didn't and we didn't think anything else about it, except that we need to get it fixed, figuring that it just got blown open or something.

Well, when Nate went out to go to work, he opened the garage door to find that both driver's side doors were open, not a normal occurrence. He came in and got me and we went back out only to find that my purse had been STOLEN from behind the backseat of my car. I always lock it, and the only thing I can think of is that last night when we got back from Aaron and Jami's I moved Nate's bike and he was getting stuff out of the trunk, and I must have forgotten to lock it when we went in the house.

So, what a great way to start out my week, no driver's license, no credit cards, all of my bank information, all of the essentials that a woman carries in her purse, everything gone. The only think of value in it was 20 bucks, if that. Luckily I haven't gotten cash recently, and I don't usually carry much anyways.

We called the police and they sent out an officer to make a report and I guess this has been happening in the area lately, nice. So the one night I forget to lock the door the thief decides to hit our garage, well at least they didn't break the car window to get in, which would be another hassle, on top of calling all the credit card companies, the bank, getting a new license, new library card, new everything.

So for all the ladies who, like me, leave their purse in the car since it is easier than lugging it in and out of the house all the time, may I suggest making the effort to lug it in and out of the house. That way you won't go to the car some morning and find that it is gone.

The only good thing about all this is I can get a new purse, and I don't have to feel guilty that the one I have is still perfectly adequate, cause I don't have a purse!

Well, now I just need to study all day for my final tomorrow. Hope everyone else has a better Monday than mine.


rgblazek said...

That happened when we lived in our appartment. There were service doors on the back of our garages. Kids would brake in those doors. The police knocked on our door one morning to tell us about it. All they got from our car was some loose change out of the cup holder.

Janelle said...

Oh no! I sure hope your monday gets better. My college roommate's car was broken into the day I took my nursing boards. Her window was broken and they took all her CDs and CD player along with her purse. I was afraid that was a bad omen, but I passed the boards. :) Good thing she wasn't scheduled to take the boards that day.....she was a mess.

Lani said...

What a bummer. If it would have been locked, chances are they would have broken out a window, so maybe it was best your doors were unlocked. Enjoy that new purse! ;)

Little Miss Nobody said...

What a rotten thing to have happen! Hope things start looking up.