Thursday, October 2, 2008


I always feel like baking when it gets cool outside. I thought I would try out a oatmeal chocolate chip recipe I have, they turned out great! Here is a photo diary of baking cookies


Softened butter and sugars


Oops, I missed the eggs and vanilla photo.

Dry ingredients

Add oatmeal and chocolate chips




So I did a little experiment, used two different cookie sheets.
Check out the difference!!!

The flattened out ones were backed on the light aluminum pan that you see in this photo, the ones that stayed nice and thick were backed on another cookie sheet that you see in the oven picture, it has a dark, non-stick finish and worked much better!!

Enjoy with a nice, cold glass of milk!

This is my idea of take home gifts for Halloween this year. I will make several different kinds of cookies and everyone can pick the kind they like. Notice they are packaged in CD envelopes, saw this idea in a magazine I think.


Sara said...

I love the packaging!

b.k.a.a. said...

mmmmmm. do you need a taste tester for all the different cookies? I'll volunteer! :) cool idea.

Jana said...

Sure, you can taste test. That means you would have to come over, and since you would be there anyways I could put you to work baking too!

Lani said...

What a cute idea. You're a Pioneer Woman Cooks! in the making. ;)