Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Marathon Man!!!

Some of you may have already heard that Nate ran in the Twin Cities Marathon last Sunday. He did an awesome job and finished before I was able to get to the finish line for a photo of him running. I do have one of him the morning before the race, and also a shot of the unofficial posted results.

Great Job Honey, I am proud of you.

Nate getting dropped off the at 07:15, the morning of the race.

The Results, number three thousand four hundred and five

We also have a couple friends from our area who will be running a marathon this Saturday.

Good Luck Brendan and Kayla, I know you will do great!


Janelle said...

Wow! Great job Nate!!

Lani said...

Dude. You did awesome, Nate! I did one last fall and will never do it again. The end. Sounds like your experience was better, though. Most impressive.