Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rochester Half-Marathon

Nate ran in the Rochester half-marathon at the end of August. He finished 326th with a time of 1:56:58. He has been training for months now and is planning on running the Twin Cities Marathon on October 5th. Good Luck, Honey!

This is Oystein, he and his wife Alicia were working with Nate as interns at IBM over the summer. He also ran the half-marathon and finished with a time of 2:10:49.

We had good times with Alicia and Oystein over the summer, we would get together in the evenings and make a nice supper and play board games. They now moved back to Michigan and both work at the university.


Lani said...

Very impressive. Good luck with the marathon, Nate. Hope you have a better experience than I. You'd have to do some serious arm twisting to get me to do one of those again!

Lani said...

p.s. Also, hope you have better weather for it then they had last year. It was HOT and HUMID! Ugh.