Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day & May Birthdays

My folks came up on Saturday evening and we went out to City Cafe for a nice supper and then we went out to Victoria's on Sunday with Grandma, Grandpa, Carol and Mom and Dad. Two great restaurants in two days!

Tomorrow we are planning on going out with Grandma, Grandpa and Alyssa and Jamin. It is Nate and Jamin's B-days.

I have a final on Wednesday and then I am done for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also want to with Happy Birthday to several others who hit another year mark this month; Garland S. (older than the hills :), Uncle David (51), Alan (29), Colin (3), Ashley (a lady never tells her age!), Justin (28), Izabella (brand new!) and Happy Anniversary to Justin and Katrina.

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Lani said...

Congrats... your done for the summer! ;) And Happy Birthday to all you birthday people and Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers.

BTW- We are going up to my parents on Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning, so it might not work to see you? When do you head back home? Would we be able to see you Tuesday afternoon possibly?