Sunday, May 4, 2008

Landscaping: The war against the rabbits begins.

So, over the past couple of years I have landscaped around our house. When we moved in the back yard had a clothesline, a huge stump right in the middle, an uneven, moss-covered patio and white rock along the back of the house.

The back yard spring 2006

Oh ya, there was also a bird feeder in the back yard too, it was ugly, old and brown as well. One of the first things to go!

We got rid of the stump with the help of Collin and Mike, I took out the patio and used the blocks for bordering my flower beds, took out the white rock from behind the house and put it along the far side of the house, were no one sees it (that is a good thing!), and we got rid of the big ugly clothesline pole, (we didn't use it, and it was clunky and brown {actually, we still have it in our garage if anyone wants it}).

My latest projects were planting a dwarf magnolia tree in the back yard, it will be small and pretty, and I can trim it and shape it to the size I want. I also expanded the flower bed in the corner of our yard. I got a few new perennials and I needed to move the rhubarb, it was getting holes in the leaves from the falling water off the neighbors garage. I also expanded the strawberry patch, per Nate's request. Here are a few pictures I took the other day.

Primroses, this one has more flowers than leaves!

Sweet William-I added pink and red ones.

Lambs Ears
Apparently a delicacy for rabbits! You can see this side of the plant has been nibbled off, and this much is gone less than 24 hours after I put it in the ground! I fought the rabbits last year and lost miserably. They on the other hand won the strawberries, lilies and more! I don't even know what some of my plants look like since they ate anything above the soil.

Not this year, I need to pull out the big guns and do something to keep my plants safe. I use big guns figuratively, but if you hear about a crazy woman from my neck of the woods getting carted off to jail for firing a gun in city limits, I may have resorted to the use of firearms to win the battle against the RABBITS! Any suggestions?

Corner Perennial flower bed; several varieties of sedum, irises, lilies, sweet william, lamb's ears, chives, peonies, strawberries and more.

another view

The back of the house; several varieties of hostas, irises, lily of the valley, false dragonhead, lilies

Daisies, hostas, rhododendrons and something else too, I don't know all what I have



Lani said...

Yes, yes, yes. We want your clothesline pole. We have one and are needing another. Hmmm... and now the dilemma of how to get it from your place to ours. Nice landscaping by the way.

Jana said...

Yes, that does make for a big dilemma, seeing as the pole is huge, has a ton of concrete on the end of it and our car is a tiny honda civic

Jenny said...

Rabbits are afraid of dogs. You could always get a dog! Haha. Or if you know anyone who already has one, preferably one that sheds a lot, have them save the hair and you can sprinkle it on your garden. Beautiful gardens you have...your plants are so much bigger than mine. My hostas are just barely peeking out of the dirt. Must be because you're so much further south...teehee!!

Renee said...

Hi,'s Renee..Mindi's aunt! I check your blog on occasion and I think your flower beds look lovely. I actually have a suggestion that will help with the rabbits. Get a box of dried blood meal and sprinkle it around anything that you don't want chewed on. It really does work well. Dogs love it, though, and will dig where you put it, so hopefully you haven't already gotten a dog as the one comment suggested. :)
I get mine at Earl May, but any garden center will have it.

Jana said...

Well, I don't really want a dog, although we could borrow one of Aaron and Jami for a day I suppose. I put out blood meal, which was labeled as a fertilizer, I used liquid fence and I have just sprinkled Critter Ridder. That makes a triple attack, or defense I should say! Hope it works and thanks for the suggestions.

Lani said...

Hmmm... I'll have to think of something. It has concrete on the end already which means we wouldn't have to POUR any! ;)

About the rabbits. The only thing that has worked for me is chicken wire fence every year. Grrr...

Camerons said...

Hi Jana! We've been fighting deer around here. I've found a homemade spray that works really well to keep deer from eating our flowers - not sure if it would work for rabbits. It's 1/2 cup milk, 1 Tbsp each of oil, liquid dish soap and red pepper, and one beaten egg in a gallon of tepid water. Let sit for a couple days to let the milk sour and the egg rot. Good luck! Sheila

Lani said...

So I took a closer look at your clothesline pole, and I think it's wider than ours, so probably wouldn't work. I'll keep looking closer to home. ;)