Friday, October 22, 2010


Here is a preview of Aurelia's costume for Halloween, we are both going to be witches!

I don't think she even realized she had a hat on!

I made this little tutu out of tulle and ribbon

This is what she did seconds after I put it on her!

I think she likes her tutu :)

Our new living room arrangement, I sold the fish tank, so that is gone now, and I am in the process of redecorating the walls, changing things up.

Aurelia's winter snowsuit

All bundled up and ready for a run with daddy

Ready for a walk with Chloe and Mateo,
they hang out with us about once a week, good times :)

Ready for another walk, this time I carried her and pushed Mateo,
worked better than two strollers!

Tummy-time for Aurelia, Chloe joined in and thought the dog, dolly, tiger and bear should have some tummy-time as well :)

Chloe in the tunnel

Sittin' in her tunnel

Playing with her toys

Reading books with Daddy


Kayla said...

I'd join you for a walk on Wednesday's if it's in the afternoon.
I need to get going on costumes for our family...I also will let you know soon what I'll bring for food.
(I'm thinking ghost in the graveyard cake and then maybe another non-dessert food).

Neisha said...

she'll make a darling witch :)
i'm buying winter clothes for the kids too. need to be ready way early here in wisconsin

Lani said...

Awwww... you have been busy. Your little witch is pretty cute. I'm amazed though that she's gonna keep that hat on without a fuss. I guess she got distracted by her tutu. ;)