Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crafty Name for Etsy

I need your ideas, so please comment!!! I know I don't post as often as I used to, but hopefully I still have some readers that can help me!

I need a catchy and creative name for the Etsy account I am thinking of opening. The plan is to sell ragged blankets, paci clips, burp clothes, baby wraps, handmade stuffed animals, snuggle blankets, headbands, hair bows, knit and crocheted scarves and hats for kids and women and whatever else I come up with.

The name should be cute and kind of related to baby stuff, cause that will be my focus for now, getting started, but I also want to be able to branch out into other things.

Word thoughts: crafty, unique, creative, cozy, cutesy

The name could also just be a cute name, it doesn't have to do much with craftiness, the creative craftiness part can be in the tag line.

Hope you have lots of ideas!


Mrs Starling said...

Jolie Mignon by Jana
("Pretty Cute") in French....

Jana's Juvies (just kidding!)

Joie de Vivre ("Joy of Life")

Petit Chou ("Little Cabbage"...a French endearment)

Sorry for the French twist....I kinda like how they sound though....

Janelle said...

I like Jami's ideas. I seem to go blank when trying to think of catchy names, but I'll give it a go. :)

Jana's Baby Boutique

Uniquely Yours by Jana

Ummmmm I'll keep thinking. I'm impressed that you're opening an etsy store. I've been thinking of doing the same....but that's as far as I've gotten. Good luck with it all!

rgblazek said...

Jana Sew Sweet

Sew Baby

Aurelia's Blanket

Jana's cuddly soft store (by Emma)

Jenny said...

I like Jami's names too, especially the Petit Chou one, and Jolie Mignon by Jana. I'm terrible at coming up with names, so just thought I'd vote on these! Oh yeah, and Janelle's Uniquely Yours is nice too.