Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Little Visitors

Emma and Olivia came to stay for several days, six actually. I went down to Winona to meet Gina and pick them up on Tuesday after I took my boards. We met Laurie T. and her 'whittle' girl and went out to eat lunch at Beno's sandwich shop, mmmm. Then we went shopping at Rochester Wholesale Fruit, which is in Winona, go figure. After that we went out to Laurie's house and then we came back home. We grilled burgers for supper and blew up the little whale pool so the girls could play in the water in the back yard. After supper we went out to Silverlake park and the girls ran around and had a good time. For a treat we stopped at DQ on the way home for cones, mmm.

On Wednesday morning we cleaned the fish tank, it needed to be done and the girls thought it was pretty fun. Then we went to get 4 new fish, and the pet store is always a fun place for the kids to go. After we got the fish we went to meet Aaron and Jami and we went with them and Chloe, Ben and Jami's dad to a small free zoo that has local animals. We saw otters, a wolf, foxes, snakes, porcupines, owls and eagles. Also turkeys, goats, chickens calves and a donkey.

It started to rain so we headed back to town and went out to eat with the gang at Noodles. After that we headed our separate ways, the girls and I went and got some groceries and then went home to make cookies and play in the pool. I got the girls ready for supper and we had tacos. Then off to meeting. After meeting we had a little bonfire and roasted marshmallows and had smores. We had to use chocolate chips cause the battery in our car went dead and Nate had gone back into work for a while, but we made due.

Thursday morning we made oatmeal scones, went for a walk around the block while they were baking and then went down to the track at the high school while they were cooling. It was super hot that day and the girls didn't last long out in the sun. We came home, had some water to drink and then headed into work with cookies and scones to drop off in celebration of passing my boards. The girls also wanted to see the hospital where I worked. Olivia wanted to see the babies, but it is locked and you should pretty much only go into the unit if you know someone who has had a baby.

After our visit at work we went back home to have lunch and we watched a little WALL-E, during which Olivia fell asleep. After nap we got ready for the pool and headed over to Sims to go swimming. We had a blast there and got some good rays! They even have a water slide that goes into the pool, pretty neat.

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us come over. For swiming and going to the park and getting snails with you and for petting the kittens. love Emma