Friday, June 19, 2009

Alan's Surprise Birthday Party

We went out to eat at a grill your own steak house, pretty good, but most of the time when I go out I want someone else to cook for me.

Alan was feeling sad and forgotten, cause his party was a week or so after his birthday, the thought we forgot about him! He was lamenting the fact that he had to buy his own birthday cake and said this quote to Heather. Heather told her sister and they made a big poster and everyone at the party signed it.

The grill is ready, we are all waiting for Alan's arrival

Here they are!!! He was totally surprised, even though he is playing it cool in the photo.

Denny cooking up their steaks

Our steaks, ones on either side of the Texas toast, mmm, that was the best toast ever.

Alan and Nate making some toast, Nate looks a bit worries, I think it may have just been the heat from the grill causing him to make a funny face. Oh, and the toast again, it was so good, you used a brush to put on the butter (probably why it was so good) and then you could sprinkle on salt and seasoning and toast it on the grill, mmm.

Alan with his cake, it is a Wiimote, Wii remote for all the non-gamers out there. Don't you love the hat, it is so over the top, actually it was very top heavy, with those tall spikes.

Trying to get a good picture of Alan, well, one without him making a goofy face, is like trying to get a cat to take a bath, pretty much impossible.

Us eating our steaks.

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