Sunday, January 18, 2009

Check Facebook

Facebook has more pictures
We are not quite done yet, but close.

two amaryllis 1-12-09



rgblazek said...

Awsome! Can't wait to see it.

Neisha said...

wow, the construction sure is going fast!

VCC said...

Wow - I haven't checked your blog in ages and my there has been lots of changes! The kitchen remodel looks great and you will love cooking in it I am sure. For some reason, I had thought you were going to maybe take out the office to use as part of the kitchen but I guess I was dreaming. It looks very nice and roomy the way it is now tho so guess you didn't need to. Thanks for letting us look at all the pix as I'm not a facebook follower.

sabrina said...

Hello Jana. Saw Nate a couple weeks ago at "the sing". I told him I had been checking your blog once in a while to see your remodel job on your kitchen. From the pics here, it looks marvelous. One request, could you put some final shots up here? Cuz I don't do facebook. I am anxious to see the new kitchen completed.

ps. I think it's great you are so crafty. You and I have many of the same interests and hobbies. I would be one of the 5 to reply to your craft challenge except I'm afraid I wouldn't have the time to come up with 5 to give out. I'll be watching to see how your proposal turns out.