Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Miscellaneous Pictures

Guess who got a motorcycle!!!


Grandpa and Emma

Olivia having a fun ride

Westin was a little scared to go, but grandma went along

Happy 31st Gina

Blowing out her candles

Baby quilt I made for Levi

Baby blanket I made a while ago, I used sweatshirt material for the back and then you don't need to use any batting.

See the chipmunk, notice he is not trapped!

Moroccan Chicken stew simmering; carrots, chickpeas, and tomatoes will be added.

Israeli Couscous

Stew over couscous

With almonds on top, we didn't have any dried apricots, but they are great with
Moroccan dishes.
The cake I made for her party

Amber and Brady, he is always smiling

Swimming goggles

Rag quilt


Neisha said...

oohhh, I love the rag quilt, how do you make it?
I also like the quilt you made for Levi

Jana said...

There are several ways to make a rag quilt, depending on the look and thickness you want. For this one I layered a piece of cotton, a piece of flannel and a piece of cotton, this makes your seems 6 layers deep so you need a walking foot on your sewing machine to get all that material through. For the ragged look you just sew all of your seems so they are on one side of the blanket, which means you will have one flat side and one seemed side, then just fringe the seemed side and wash.

Lani said...

Looks like Grandpa has a new toy? ;) Looks like fun. And the food and the sewing looks fabulous, as well. You've been busy!