Thursday, June 12, 2008


So while I was gone to scuba on Sunday last week, Nate went on a little shopping spree at the Running Room in town. He bought some new shoes, new running socks, new running shorts and a new running t-shirt.

Now you may think, like I did, why do you need special clothes to go running in. Well I guess they wick the moisture away from your skin, especially the socks. If Nate doesn't wear good running socks he gets really bad blisters while he runs which usually break open and bleed before he is done with the run.

That evening Nate confessed to me that when he was a little boy he liked to dress up in tights and cape and run around like superman. He said he loved the feeling he got when he wore the outfit, that the outfit really made him feel like a superhero. He said that he gets the same feeling when he puts on his running clothes.

He has been a bit stressed out at work lately so I made this photo to cheer him up.


Chloe said...

and the R is for "ROCKETMAN" ?! :) nice outfit!

Jana said...

R is for Runner! Maybe I should have done S for SuperRunner.

Lani said...

No, no. The R is perfect. I just came out here to comment about it, but you beat me to it. I'll do it anyway, though.

"It's a bird. It's a plane. It's SuperRunner!"