Saturday, June 7, 2008


I took my first of 4 days of scuba lessons.

I am tired out and it was more work than I thought it would be.

We spent the morning in class, 3 other students and myself. Two 13 year-old twin boys and a 19 year-old girl. Nate joined us for the pool session later in the day as a refresher since he has not done any diving since he was certified six years ago.

It was fun but a bit scary, you don't realize how much pressure is on you even in 15 feet of water. My ears needed to be equalized the whole way down.

Anyways, it went well today and hope tomorrow does too. Then I have another weekend where we actually do open water diving in Blackwater Falls, WI.


Anonymous said...

So....are you getting ready to go somewhere really exciting that you're learning to scuba dive or..are you joining the scuba rescue team?? Trenton is a certified scuba diver with the fire and rescue but isn't on the team anymore cuz it's such a yucky horrid job around here in the mucky waters. Good Luck!! Luv, Lorna

Lani said...

Good for you. This is probably something I will NEVER learn to do. But then they do say... never say never now, don't they? ;)