Monday, March 17, 2008

Planting, Snow, Veggie Wraps

Our Backyard this morning!

I was at the Dollar store the other day and they had a whole bunch of different seed packets priced 10 cents each, and I could not resist. I bought a whole bunch and started them already inside, I can't put them outside today, but I have on other sunny days. Some have already sprouted, hopefully I will have a good turn out. I am not sure what I am going to do with them all, but I felt like growing this year and spring is in the air, although not quite here!

1. Sunflower - Mammoth Russian
8-12 feet
2. Bachelor Buttons - Polka Dot Mixed Colors
16 inches
3. Zinnia - Envy
30 inches
4. Perennial Mix
12-36 inches
5. Gypsophilia - Covent Garden
18 inches
6. Helichrysum - Tall Double Mixed Colors
2-3 feet
7. Zinnia - Giant Cactus, Mixed Colors
30-36 inches
8. Aster - Crego Mix
30-36 inches
9. Sweet William - Tall Double, Mixed Colors
2 feet

Vegetable and Herbs:
1. Kale - Dwarf Blue Curled
2. Broccoli - Calabrese
3. Dill - Long Island Mammoth
4. Cabbage - Early Golden Acre
5. Radish - Sparkler White Tip
6. Eggplant - Black Beauty
7. Carrot - Danvers Half Long
8. Lettuce - Grand Rapids (Leaf)
9. Lettuce - Iceberg
10. Arugula - Roquette
11. Onion - White Lisbon Bunching

Rabbit's Feast Flat
I'll separate these out when I plant them

Veggie Tray! ;)

Flower Flat

The following pairs of pictures were taken 3 and a half hours apart, I promise!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The answer......

Very Fast!

I made veggie wraps for lunch yesterday, they were sooo pretty and so good I just had to take pictures!
tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, provolone, colby, turkey, ham

Wrap it up in a tortilla with lettuce, sprouts, guacamole, and cucumber ranch dressing.
Mmmm Mmmmmm!


Little Miss Nobody said...

Wow, you're ambitous with all your seeds! We have a garden, but I'm always way late getting anything started. You're giving me spring fever! Cute little trays and labels, too!

Lani said...

Me, too, on the spring fever thing. Maybe I should get busy with some flowers I want to plant. We'll see how motivated/ambitious I am in the next few weeks. I want Moon flowers so bad... last year I planted them too late! :(

Your backyard looked the same as ours today. Happy St. Patty's Day!

And yum... can I come eat lunch at your house?

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have been checking your blog religiously since I talked to you last! :) Looks like you're keeping busy. Our yard looked like that this morning too:( I was totally bummed out since we have been having 70 degree weather a couple days before this! Happy St. Patricks Day!

Anonymous said...

Hey! If you run out of room you can plant flowers at my house. We have a ton of landscaping to do. I'd better not go to crazy with the veggie garden thing this year. I'll be to big and hot to garden this summer and to busy in Aug to harvest. See you this weekend.