Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May/June Pics

Aurelia's 2-Year Photo Shoot

 Aurelia LOVES  to swing at the park, here with Chloe and Brianna


 Hanging out with Bruce, she was worried about a dying bee that was crawling across the sidewalk, so the sat outside together for 30 minutes or more while I made supper

 With Grandma and Grandpa at the parade

 Memorial Day Ceremony

 21 Gun Salute - LOUD when you are standing so close!

 Yummy fruit pizza for dessert on Memorial Day

 Goofy kids at the zoo!


 Bald Eagle



 Black Bear
 Cougar: this one was pacing and pacing in it's cage, I think all the little kids had it a bit aggitated!

 Lynx or bobcat, can't remember which



Note: There were more animals at this local zoo, but I was only able to get pictures of some of them.  The rest of them would turn around and show me their backsides when I tried to snap a shot. 

 Porcupine: interesting fact, they smell like really bad BO, ugh

 Looking at the prairie dogs

 Sitting in his food

all the kiddos with Jami on the big swing


Desiree said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Aurelia! She is beautiful!

Anita said...

Wow- she's 2 already! And still adorable! Nice to see the pix!!