Thursday, February 10, 2011


I went back home last weekend to see my folks and my sister's house.  Here are some pictures of their progress.

 All 6 if them in their living room

 Dean and Jeanette came for a visit on their way down to Madison

The chandelier Gina painted, not sure where this is for

 Levi wanted to get his picture taken, you can see the rustic oak floor, the dark spots are filler for the knots

 Aurelia and Olivia

  Chandelier for the girls room

 A chandelier for the other girls room

What is she up to now!

 Getting into things and she got stuck! She is not happy about it!

Learning to sleep in her own crib is not going quietly, she fell asleep kneeling with her head leaning on the side

 She woke up long enough to cry in protest before she turned, laid down and fell asleep again.

The reason I don't get much done some days!  How can you turn away from such a sad face?

Leaning to stand on top of things!

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