Friday, May 28, 2010

Sewing Projects

This past week I went down to see my folks and my sister and her family. Gina and I worked on some sewing projects on Monday and Tuesday. We got a lot done, considering we had a 4 yr. old, a 21 mo. old and a 5 week old to take care of while we were working.

This blanket was Gina's idea and my handywork. She saw some online, flowers for baby girls and teddy bears for boys. The ones she saw were 5 petals, but I made 6, since I could use a large circle to evenly space out 6 petals, so they were all the same size. 5 petals would be cute though. This was pretty easy to make, just cut out the material, sew it good sides together and leave a section open to put your hand through to turn it right side out. Then sew around the outside and add the center of the flower.

This is the baby sling Gina made for me, works great and it is reversible, so I can use it pink or green, depending on what goes with my outfit, or if we have a boy later, we can use the green side out :) She got the directions online somewhere, maybe she will put the address in the comments.

I got the idea to make bandanna skirts for the girls from Neisha's blog, but we ended up making t-shirt dresses, sewing a bandanna skirt onto a t-shirt, worked out good and it was pretty easy. Gina then made a little bandanna dress for Aurelia too.

I must say that I think this is the cutest outfit Aurelia has to date. The dress is adorable, the headband cute as a button, literally, the black center is a button, and she also has a ruffle-butt onesie to wear with it, I will have to get some more pictures of her this Sunday, I will have her wear it to meeting.
Since the ribbons are the straps, the size of the dress is adjustable and she will be able to wear it as a shirt when she grows out of it as a dress. Levi was nice enough to model this for us!

I also took on the project of revamping a skirt for Olivia, added the bottom ruffle and a couple patches, one was a cute way to camouflage a stain


Anita B said...

Love the skirt and the girls' dresses.
Levi is so cute in A's dress!

A is a real cutie! Love that outfit!

rgblazek said...

That was a fun day! The sling is a reversible pouch sling for any one searching for directions.