Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Remodeling is Finished!!

Alright, I know it has been a long time coming, and I will use school, a messy house and getting ready for a couples shower for Chris and Carla (check out the pictures on Jami's blog) as my excuses. Here are the final before and after pictures, so you can see how the kitchen turned out and remember what we had before without having to go back in the posts to see.

Before: looking into the kitchen from the door that went to the dining/living area

After: we don't have too look though the door anymore, it is gone!

Before: the portable dishwasher that went higher than the bottom of the window and our microwave

After: the dishwasher is now built in and we put in cupboards that are vanity height so they go under the window!

Before: the soffit (wasted space), the door going to the office/bedroom on the left, our limited cupboard space, boring light fixtures, the old sink and old faucet and our very old and very small amount of counter space.

After: the soffit is gone (no more wasted space), the door to the office is closed in making room for relocating the fridge and putting a big cupboard above it, lots and lots of cupboard space that I haven't filled up yet, most of my kitchen stuff is still downstairs, but I am sure I will run out of space even still (does that mean I have too much kitchen stuff?), new light fixtures, new sink and faucet (not the sink we had planned on, but it is still a nice one), lots and lots of nice marble counter space,

Before: the door coming in, the door to the pantry closet, the door to the dining/livingroom, the door to the basement.

After: the door outside, and the door to the basement, the room is sooooo open now, it is so nice when we have people over, you don't feel like you are seperated from everyone when you are in the kitchen.

Before: looking at the door that goes to the kitchen from the livingroom, the pantry closet is on the right side of the door.

After: no door going to the kitchen, and new tile flooring and I painted the door that goes outside and the door that goes to the basement too, they just stuck out from the walls once I painted the walls and trim green.

Before: the bumpout of the door and pantry closet

After: the door and bumpout is gone, we put in a new pantry cupboard that I have all of my entertaining dishes it (well not all of them since they don't all fit), and the dining area feels much more open now, I am trying the table at an angle, what do you think? I also got new curtain rods and sheer curtains.

The new curtain rod and curtains on the big window in the livingroom. I also did some rearranging after the remodeling, I had the loveseat under the big window, not I have the chair and the fishtank, works much better, since the loveseat was taller than the bottom of the window, it blocked the light/view.

The first real meal we made in our kitchen, Hungarian Goulash, it was pretty good! Not the tomato sauce and macaroni noodles I usually think of when someone says goulash. If you want to get technical about it, the first thing we made in our new kitchen was frozen pizza!

The chef!! He likes his/our new kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Looks Great! Must feel good to have it all done... and clean.

VCC said...

Very nice! What a gorgeous kitchen you now have!

Chloe said...

This is me....insanely jealous of your sweet new kitchen..... I don't think I'll ever be able to convince Aaron I need a new kitchen since I don't use the one I have all that often!

Neisha said...

It looks great! Good job and I'm sure you're glad to be done.

I like that bowl and plate you painted for Carla and Chris.
Are Nicole and her husband living back here now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the awesome comparing pix!! So easy to see all your updates and pretty additions! Know how much work went into it and the satisfaction there is in getting it all like you like it!!
Luv, Lorna

sg said...

Very nice! I love seeing before and after pics. Don't you just want to sit and sleep in it all the time? (that's how I feel about something new like that, and fortunately the feeling wears off and you go into other parts of the house again) haha.

sabrina said...

Thanks for posting. . . .and for the comparison shots! You did a great job with the new layout. It all looks so fun and if it were mine, I'd be cooking all time. . .trying new recipes.

Lani said...

It looks awesome, you guys. I bet you're glad to have it done.

Aubrey said...

That is so fantastic, I've been watching the progress and it has turned out great!

Janelle said...

It looks great!! Are you spending a lot of time in your new kitchen now? :)

Little Miss Nobody said...

It looks great! Awesoe job!