Friday, April 25, 2008

We are Plumbers!!!

So, for the longest time our bathroom tub faucet leaked, it got worse and worse and finally maxed out at about 5 gallons in 24 hours, that is my guess anyway. I kept saying that we need to call a plumber and get it fixed, cause we don't know anything about plumbing ourselves. However, Nate kept putting it off, cause he thought it was such a small thing, and we could do it on our own. He went to the library and got a whole bunch of books on plumbing and read up on it. He was going to try and fix the faucet on his own, but we didn't have shut offs behind the tub, so we called a plumber in to put some in, and the plumber said he wouldn't even touch the old tub faucet to repair it since it was so old and corroded.

The plumber told Nate what kind of faucet we needed and I went to Home Depot and bought a cheap one, since we eventually want to redo the bathroom anyway. While I was there I saw a really cool sink faucet, ours is old and nasty, so I figured the plumber could put it in while he was there anyways.

The plumber came out the next day and I was so excited to see how the new sink faucet looked when I got home, but was disappointed to see it still in the box in the kitchen. However the tub faucet was replaced with the new one. WHAT, I didn't understand why one and not the other. I called Nate and found out he forgot to mention to the plumber to put in the new sink faucet. Nate said this was ok though, HE could put in the sink faucet himself, he read about plumbing.

So Saturday rolls around and I am planning to use this day to study, I had test the following Monday. Nate is planning to replace the faucet. He looked though the tools and supplies we have here and went to the store and got a few he things he needed, then took out the old faucet. He started having problems when it came to putting in the new one. He knew what to do, but was unsure about how to place the plumbers putty around the underside of the faucet and had trouble with using the basin wrench to get the new one attached. So at this point he called me in to be the hands in the project and he explained to me what to do. In the end it turned out great! Now we are plumbers, as long as we work as a team!

Old, leaky faucet

New, cheap, not leaky faucet

A very serious plumber, not in the traditional plumber's pose however.

At this point in the project the new faucet is just sitting on top, nothing is reattached.

Old and ugly

New, shiny and pretty!

Old and gross

New and stylin'

close-up detail


Lani said...

Look at you guys go. Lookin' good. Love Nathan's willingness to pose for the camera. ;)

VCC said...

Hello again Nate & Jana,
Looks like you are both keeping busy. I like all your
"remodeling" and spiffing up the place! Yes that is fine to add me to your blog. We had a fun time in Hawaii except for the broken wrist and finger of course:( Glad you and Mindi got to spend an evening together. Keep smiling and I will be looking forward to pix of more "fix-ups":) - Cari

Brian, Erin, Connor & Ty said...

VERY impressive! Was expecting at some point in the story that there would be water everywhere and you 2 in the middle of it since you are newbies at the whole plumbing thing! Seems like there is ALWAYS a weird dilemma when it comes to plumbing for us, so glad it went so well for you 2 : ) Amazing what a few new fixtures will make!!