Monday, October 8, 2007

Birthday Weekend

We were down at Mom & Dad's for this past weekend. We celebrated Olivia's 4th birthday, which will be Wednesday. It was also Gina and Richard's 12th anniversary on Sunday. We all had, still have, bad colds, but we had fun anyways!

Olivia with her cake and presents.

A Candyland Creation!
Starbursts, Starlight mints, Dots, cupcakes, M&Ms,
marshmallows,malted milk balls, ice cream cones,
sprinkles, and suckers.

Nate, Westin and Olivia

Olivia's photography, they wore Nate out!

Olivia, Nate and Emma having snacks at Menomonie convention.

The Kids.

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Brian, Erin, Connor & Ty said...

Hi guys! Gina gave me your blog address so Connor & I thought we'd check it out :) He is completely jealous of Olivia's birthday cake and wants to know if he can have a Candy Land Cake too... fortunately he doesn't realize how long it is until July (his birthday)!! Love your blog picture and your last Halloween party was fun to see too. Our blog address is come see us : )